Divorce and family law

Divorce for dads

We've been there. We know how challenging the divorce process is and we're ready to help. We strive to resolve family matters in a peaceful manner. When this is not possible, we're ready to fight for your rights in court. No matter the situation, we're here to help.

Child Custody

We are experienced trial lawyers with ample court room advocacy experience in family law, civil suits, criminal law, and personal injury. We know our way around the courtroom and you'll have peace of mind knowing we're by your side every step of the way. 

child support

Child support is often a misunderstood and stressful area of the law for most parents. We demystify the process and make it simple. If you need us to advocate for you in court, we prepare with documentation, evidence, and legal research.

visitation disputes

We all know the common belief that "dads get the kids every other weekend and for a month in the summer." Good news - times have changed. Most dads don't know that they can request extended visitation or even 50/50 arrangements. We show you how.

paternity issues

If you're not married but you're a father who wants to be involved in your child's life, or you're unsure if you're the father, we can help. Our paternity services help answer these crucial questions and defend your rights when you need us to. 


Though divorce/paternity rulings often don't change for years, our family situations do. Sometimes new families, new jobs, or new living circumstances require that these legal orders be re-visited. We continue to defend your rights in negotiations or in court. 

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What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

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Step 1

Listen to Understand

We first seek to understand what happened. Expect empathetic, non judgmental counselors who've heard it all and truly want the best for you.

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Step 2

Straight Talk Strategy

We're not here to mince words. We're here to make sure you understand your rights. We'll break the law down so it's easy to understand and so we can apply it to what's happening in your family life. 

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Step 3

Sound Decision Making

Divorces and Family Law issues can be one of the most challenging environments to make good decisions. Emotions are running high. We understand this and we prepare for it. Expect calm, focused strategy sessions with us that will help you make decisions you'll be proud of 10 years from now.

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Step 4

Tough Advocate

In family law we strive to resolve issues peacefully through thoughtful, creative problem solving. You'll find us on the front-line coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for complex situations. But if the time comes to protect your rights in court, we're experienced trial attorneys ready to be your tough advocate. 

What Our Clients Say

David and his firm did an outstanding job. They kept me informed of the process, set expectations and really made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend his services.


I would highly recommend David to represent you, he was always there supporting me and consistently on top of my case as if I was his only client. I was treated like his family member. My sincere thanks to you David


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